Network Security Services

In today's world, connectivity of your corporate network to the Internet is a mandate. However, this connectivity opens your network to continuous threats and risks for which you must have solid protection. By providing AIT with the opportunity to secure your network, you are partnering with someone who understands the necessity of security and the consequences of having inadequate protection measures in place.

  Are you utilizing a firewall that is certified and designed for the rigors and complex requirements of corporate networks?
  Is your network secure from outside threats such as viruses, malware, and hackers?
  Do you prevent your employees from accessing objectionable Internet content and from spending excessive time on web-sites that reduce their productivity?
  Is your e-mail filtered to minimize the amount of "spam" messages that are delivered to your employees?
  Is your Internet traffic monitored so that you are quickly notified of traffic pattern exceptions as soon as they occur, before they mature into critical issues, allowing you to proactively address them?
  Do you conduct cyber-security awareness training with follow-on phish testing for your employees?

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