Cloud Services

"The Cloud" is a popular term that is often misunderstood and left without explanation. AIT was providing cloud services before they enjoyed the notoriety of today. We offer the following cloud-based services:

  Private Cloud: we can host one or more of your servers from a private cloud within our data center to offer a complete cloud infrastructure or a hybrid approach that includes your on-premise servers.  Contact us for a cost analysis of what is best for you given your unique requirements. Our private cloud services include: 
•  Server Operating Systems and Relational Database Management Systems 
•  Complete maintenance of your servers, including updates/patches, and real-time monitoring
•  Backups with pre-defined retention points
•  VM replication where applicable/necessary
•  Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity from your office(s) and remote access with Multi-Factor Authentication
  Application Hosting: we can host your applications from a private cloud for maximum uptime and accessibility.  This includes any combination of:
•  Off-the-shelf / third party applications
•  Custom software developed for your organization
•  Traditional desktop or browser-based applications
  E-mail: Our Premier e-mail service is provided via hosted Exchange from our cloud and includes:
•  Complete maintenance of e-mail, contacts, tasks, and calendar data
•  Backups for comprehensive message retention
•  Scanning of incoming and outgoing messages for spam and viruses
•  Data sharing capabilities for your organization
•  Web-based (OWA) access and mobile device (Active Sync) connectivity for smart phones, tablets, etc.
  E-mail spam filtering: If you maintain your own e-mail server, this service keeps unnecessary traffic off of your Internet circuit and insures that the messages delivered to your e-mail server are valid with minimization of false-positive occurrences. As an added benefit, if your e-mail server becomes inoperable, this service "queues" your e-mail until your server is brought back on-line.
  Network monitoring: we monitor your servers and workstations in real-time and are immediately notified of anything that requires attention. This alerting mechanism insures that we can be proactive in preventing or minimizing problems that can only grow in complexity and resolution cost if left unaddressed. Included with this service is a full-function dashboard to which you have access to gain valuable insight into your network.
  Firewall monitoring: we monitor your firewall in real-time to insure that your traffic patterns are "normal" when compared to your historical circuit usage. Abnormal traffic patterns can indicate an attempted intrusion into your network from the Internet, or be attributed to an infected desktop or server on your network. As part of this service, daily Internet usage reports are e-mailed to you early each morning for the prior business day. This is an invaluable tool that provides granular detail of employees' usage and circuit traffic load.
  Multi-Site Backup: Your data is backed up locally to our equipment that is installed at your facility plus remotely to our cloud (a SSAE 16 Type II certified data center within close proximity to our headquarters utilizing equipment that we own and maintain; not subcontracted). Multiple copies are maintained to preserve historical data. This eliminates the risks and frustrations associated with local tape or disk drive media. This service will automatically back up your data multiple times per day without you having to worry with swapping backup media or reacting to problems associated with backup software and/or faulty media. Enhanced capabilities are provided for the restoration of Exchange Server and SQL Server data. Bare-metal restore functionality is also included.

Contact us today to learn more about AIT's cloud and the services that it can provide for your business!